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Personal Shopping Anyone?


By:  Stephanie Edens

Do you ever get frustrated when trying to find that perfect outfit? Maybe you have a job interview coming up or a special date - Valentine’s Day anyone? - and you need to look better than great. But you’ve been searching and searching with just no luck. At this point, you’re tired of the hunt and just want someone to help you out. I know I’ve been there!

Well, if you haven’t noticed from when you walk into Once ‘n Again, we have a lot of girls that love putting fashionable outfits together! With all of this wintry weather, we have been dressing a lot of mannequins. We would rather be helping you find outfits for all your style needs.

We want to help take the hassle out of the hunt! Stop in and let us know what you’re looking for. After a few minutes we can put some stylish options together, get you in the fitting room, and, hopefully, find that perfect outfit for your special occasion.

We have many name brands all in one location. And what is even better, that outfit is only a percentage of what it would cost you at any department store. We get to spend time with customers instead of mannequins and you get that perfect outfit for a great price. Everyone wins!

Got a special date coming up?

What event are you shopping for?


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