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Spring Trends, Go Bold!


By:  Stephanie Edens, Fashion Blogger at Once ‘n Again

I was flipping through the latest issue of InStyle the other day and fell in love with a current trend for Spring: the printed trouser.

I adore the cut of a nice pair of trousers. The streamlined, slim fit throughout the leg that comes to a perfect stop above the ankle is perfect for showcasing any adorable pair of shoes you choose to wear. Plus, they create a sophisticated silhouette that works great in and out of the office. 

Now, this classic cut has a fresh and bold look!

Printed trousers were pictured throughout the issue. Capturing my attention with their bright colors and (bold) prints, I began to ask myself if this was a trend I could pull-off. So I took a closer look. What I saw was that most printed trousers were paired with low-key tops and accessories. The pants became the focal point of the outfit. However, for those who are truly daring, a top with a different print in similar hues looks fantastic. Pair it with a solid color jacket or blazer and you’ve got an outfit that really makes a statement!

This is a trend I will be getting on board with as soon as I find a pair of printed trousers to match my wardrobe and personality!

In their online post 10 Fashion-y Things to try this February, InStyle lists “Power Pants” as number  9. Trousers with a bright print are definitely power pants. Do you dare to go bold this Spring? I certainly do!

What Spring trends are you most looking forward to?

Let us know in the comments below!

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