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Choose Consignment/Resale Over Garage Sale--Here’s Why


By:  Traci Hassett made an awesome infographic about yard sales.  Why choose consignment over a garage/yard sale?  A 276% increase in profit per item is the #1 reason.  Here is the math: says that the average price received for an item in a garage sale is $0.85.  The average price received for an item at Once ‘n Again is $8.00;  even after you pay Once ‘n Again you still receive $3.20.  This is $2.35 more per item if you let Once ‘n Again sell it for you. 

If you have ever had a garage/yard sale you know that it takes hours and hours to prepare for.  Then you have to find someone to sit in your garage for the sale while you are at work…or take a couple of days off.  You put a price tag of $1 on an item and 42% of your shoppers will ask to pay 50 cents instead…really??  The best time to open your garage sale is 7am….but folks will start knocking at 6:30 to try to beat the crowd.  According to the biggest turnoffs of garage/yard sales are:  overpriced items (they want to pay 85 cents per item remember), disorganization, dirty items, and hard to find.  Then you have to worry about placing 6-8 signs in just the right places all over town, folks wanting to go into your house unattended to use the bathroom, and guarding your cash box.  Why bother when you can let Once ‘n Again do all of the work for you. 

I know you are thinking that if Once ‘n Again can get on average $8.00 per item…so can I.  I’ll be honest…you cannot.  No one will ever pay you $20 for your jeans when you are trying to sell them from your garage.  We can get $20 for a nice pair of currently fashionable jeans all day long every day…(your cut of that $20 is $8.00)!  We have a constant stream of regular shoppers that trust us, a large marketing budget, longer and more convenient store hours, public restrooms,  we accept visa/mc, and shoppers can use store credit for purchases.  A consignment shop simply provides a much nicer atmosphere in which to shop.  Consequently, the market value of an item increases significantly when it is offered in a consignment store.

It is easy to set up a consignment account at Once ‘n Again, it only takes a couple of minutes—no appointments, no limits.   We only consign current fashion in excellent condition…so there will be a lot of items that Once ‘n Again will not even agree to sell.  We have a solution for that too….Frugality NFP (a Charitable thrift shop that donates it’s profits to local charities).  As long as you are done with the items you are bringing to us to sell…we will sort it, consign what we can sell at Once ‘n Again, and send the rest to Frugality.  We make it easy for you.

My last and best tip if you want to go ahead and have a garage sale:  Bring us your best of the best before your garage sale…not after.  In your garage sale the best things will sell right away because they are a bargain at $0.85…..what is left wasn’t even worth $0.85,  it is very unlikely that we would accept it for consignment. 

Still not convinced about consignment….Once ‘n Again will offer Cash Now for your items too…walk in with your stuff and walk out with cash!

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