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Top Ten Reasons to Choose Once ‘n Again Over Other Resale Consignment Stores


By:  Traci Hassett

In January of 2014 Entrepreneur Magazine said that "Resale Retail is Hot".  It is...Resale and Consignment stores are popping up everywhere.  Selling your stuff for cash is extremely popular right now.  Once 'n Again does it all.  Out of all of the options--choose Once 'n Again here's why:  

10.  13 years in business.  That means we’ve already worked out the kinks and folks trust us or they would not continue to business with us for that long. Store Hours:  Mon-Sat 10-7.

9.  We are still growing….every year we do more business than we did the year before.

8.  7500 square feet of clean and organized selling space in Fairbury, IL.  Which is more than twice as much space as our nearest competitor.  Clothing for the family, purses, shoes, & jewelry in the brands you love…plus furniture, home décor, books & more.

7.  5000 square feet of clean and organized selling space in Pontiac, IL.  Fresh smells and awesome displays that show you how and what everyone is wearing right now!  Clothing for the family, purses, shoes, & jewelry in the brands you love!

6.  Once ‘n Again is locally owned and operated.  Local employees, local sales tax, and local profits. Not a franchise that sends money out of town every month.

5.  Options to sell.  You can choose Cash Now or Cash Later (A.K.A Consignment).  Cash Now—you get paid in cash for your stuff before you leave the store.  Consignment (Cash later)—you can pick up your cash after your item sells.  Most resale/consignment stores do not offer more than one option.  If you choose consignment, on average you will make $2-3 more per item than you would by having a garage sale.  Read More.

4.  One Stop Shopping and Consigning for your family…no need to go to one place for your kids, another place for women only….then get stuck with nowhere to go for men.  We sell/consign/buy all genders in all sizes in Pontiac.  In Fairbury, we sell/consign/buy all genders in all sizes…plus home décor and furniture!

3.  Drop & Run.  No Waiting, No Sorting, No worrying about which consignment season it is right now.   Once ‘n Again usually only prices 1/3  to ½ of items brought in for consignment.  Other consignment/resale stores will have the same ratio. The difference is that you do not have to take home the ½ or ¾ of the items that Once ‘n Again did not accept on consignment…we take care of it for you.  The majority of our consignors love this option of “drop and run”….no waiting & no sorting at home,  we take care of it for you!  We price the current season in your consignment account, out of season items we put the cash now price right into your consignment account, the items we cannot sell we send to Frugality NFP

2.  Astonishing selection of the brands you love for amazing prices!  Coach, Dooney, Ann Taylor, J Crew, Banana Republic, Born, Gymboree, American Eagle, The North Face, and many more!  Any brand at the Mall…you can find at Once ‘n Again!

1.  500 reasons every day!  We price (on average) 500 items every day…that means there are 500 more items to look at and buy today than there were yesterday*. 


*500 is an average which means some days we price more and some days we price less.   

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10am to 7pm  Closed Sunday
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