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Phonegate or Phonepocalypse, We Are Sorry That You Cannot Call us!


By Traci Hassett

Whew, it has been an interesting couple of days without a business phone. Tuesday morning our battery backup started screaming at us….yes it was really loud. It was flashing that it needed a new battery. I couldn’t get the beeping to I shut it off…powered it down. That is when the phone system stopped working. A battery backup is supposed to work with the phone system so that minor/short-term power outages do not interrupt phone service. The two things should not be related…the phone system should work when the power comes back on. It did not.

So I call the professionals…the very smart people that know exactly how this stuff works. Two days later they are still working on it. I am confident that they know their business and will fix it. Yesterday, the computer that controls the phone system looked like Penelope’s computer on Criminal Minds, several windows open and lots of typing and computer language scrolling across the screen. Computer guys in and out of the store, switching out equipment, talking on two cell phones while trying to sort it out. If any of you know a computer guy or girl….you know how much this is bothering them that it is taking so long to isolate the problem.  I appreciate their hard work.

I can hear you thinking, seriously what is the big deal it is just a phone….plug it into the wall and be done. Hook it up to wifi, use a cell phone…..whatever, it should be easy. It is not.  I was surprised by how complicated a business phone system can be. You need a lot of hardware and the software that runs it is not user friendly. While I am not a computer girl or any kind of expert, with a small amount of guidance I can usually muddle through most computer issues. I know enough to be dangerous……so I usually leave it to the professionals.

I am not sure when the phone system will be completely operational…the best I can hope for is January 30th. However there are many ways that you can contact us:

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We appreciate your business.

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