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The Pants You Wear: Part Of American History


“What do coal miners, Marilyn Monroe, and John Wayne all have in common? They all helped to popularize America’s favorite fabric: denim.” (Fontaine). For many years, denim has been an American classic- just as much of our culture as apple pie and baseball. At Once ‘n Again, it is one of our top sellers and favorite consignment items. And that’s because it is such a staple in almost every wardrobe!  

Starting with Coal Miners, denim became the go-to uniform pant of American laborers and workers. Desired for its durability, it became popularized by cowboys who wore the fabric as well (think of any John Wayne movie- that man ALWAYS wore denim)! In Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean transformed denim from a uniform pant to a symbol of rebellion for American youth.

Marilyn Monroe helped it to become mainstream; no longer was denim banned in fancy hotels! Suddenly denim was everywhere, from workers to the runway. Today you see all sorts of denim on all sorts of bodies and in every single retailer and designer from Target to Alexander Wang. We buy denim for school, for going out, nice denim for work, and denim shorts to get us through these hot summer months.

Those pants you wear are part of American history. When you buy, consign, or resell your denim, you’re keeping it a part of American society. Once ‘n Again is looking for your denim to sell on consignment or cash now- bring them in so they can sell during the back to school season!  

Now is a great time to wear your American denim with pride, with all the history making decisions that have been going on- Aren't you proud to be an American? Stop in to find some denim shorts to show your American pride!

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