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Shop & Save With Comeback Bucks




Calling all Once ‘n Again Shoppers….we have a special deal for you!  Shop August 15th thru August 27th and receive coupons (comeback bucks) to shop for up to 50% off during the week beginning September 12th!



  • What are Comeback Bucks? Comeback Bucks are a coupon that we give you (attached to your original Once ‘n Again sales receipt dated Aug 15th -27th to come back and shop another time.
  • How can I get Comeback Bucks?  Shop anytime August 15th thru August 27th, 2016 and spend $10 (before tax) or more.  We will only give you one coupon per person making a qualified purchase per day.
  • When can I use the Comeback Bucks Coupon?  Monday September 12th thru Saturday September 17th between 10am to 7pm. 
  • How much do I save with the Comeback Bucks Coupon September 12-17th?  If you have a comeback bucks coupon in hand you will save $10 on your purchase of $20.****
  • How can I use Comeback Bucks?  Bring your $10 Comeback Bucks Coupon (with your original receipt still attached to it) anytime September 12-17th, 2016 and spend $20.
  • Can I USE more than one Comeback Bucks Coupon on a single purchase?  Yes, if you meet the purchase requirements for each coupon.  Example:  You have 3 Comeback Bucks Coupons, you can use all three of them on one purchase if the total purchase before tax is $60 or more.  In this example you would save $30 on your purchase of $60. 
  • Can I combine Comeback Bucks with my Birthday Card or Faithful Shopper Reward?  Comeback Bucks cannot be used with any other discounts or offers.
  • Are there any restrictions on what I can purchase using my Comeback Bucks Coupon?  No restrictions on merchandise, however, minimum dollar amount purchased will need to be met in order to use each coupon.

****Don’t forget the comeback bucks coupon, discount will not be honored without it.  Also, coupon will not be honored unless you leave your original Once ‘n Again sales receipt attached to it.  Photocopies or digital representations of comeback bucks will not be accepted.  Lost coupons will not be replaced. Coupons will not be given for prior purchases.

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