Drop & Run Consignment

Let us do all of the work for you with Drop & Run Consignment. Maximum Convenience is our goal.  Drop & Run Consignment is the most profitable way to sell your stuff without doing any of the “work” yourself!

  • Saves Time and Energy—drop & run, let us do it all!
  • Drop & Run has no limits—bring as much as you want, but please make an appointment!
  • An appointment is required . Our incoming volume has increased to the point where an appointment is necessary drop & run. Use the contact us page Fairbury or Pontiac to request your appointment. Same day appointments are often available if you call ahead.
  • No Waiting–No Need to Sort Seasons, we price what we can now, we put in storage your out of season items, then donate the rest to charity for you. No other consignment/resale shop provides this level of convenient service.
  • 40-50% split of selling price for 90 days. 40% for items under $100 and 50% for items over $100.
  • Pick up your cash in your account up to $200 anytime or call for a check. ID required.
  • No need to come back and pick up if it does not sell, we donate to a local charity of our choice.
  • Consignment Account Reports available in store 1-2 days after each drop off.
  • Check your account balance online

You will love the convenience of Drop & Run!  Make your appointment between 10am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday!

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