Drop & Run Consignment

Let us do all of the work for you with Drop & Run Consignment. It is the most profitable way to sell your stuff without doing any of the “work” yourself!

  • Saves Time and Energy—drop & run, let us do it all! We answer the questions, make the posts, do the marketing & more!
  • Drop & Run has no limits—bring as much as you want in open top shopping bags (no garbage bags), that is ready to sell–please remove all items that we do not sell from your drop off before you leave home. See no thank you list.
  • An appointment is required . Our incoming volume has increased to the point where an appointment is necessary drop & run. Use the contact us page Fairbury to request your appointment. Same day appointments are often available if you call ahead.
  • No Need to Sort Seasons, we price what we can now then we put your out of season items in storage to bring out at the right time to sell!
  • 40-50% split of selling price for 90 days. 40% for items under $100 and 50% for items over $100.
  • Pick up your cash in your account up to $200 anytime or call for a check. ID required.
  • No need to come back and pick up if it does not sell, we donate to a local charity of our choice or send to a recycling company.
  • Consignment Account Reports available in store 1-2 days after each drop off.
  • Check your account balance online

You will love the convenience of Drop & Run!  Make your appointment between 10am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday!

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