At Once ‘n Again, we are always thinking ahead about cleaning closets. And even though it is cold cold COLD outside right now, we know that warm weather is just a few weeks away! Not only that, but March begins the time of Spring Break vacations and we want you to be as ready for the sun as you can be!

And the first step? Getting organized.

That’s right, cleaning out those bursting closets is the best way to help you prepare for your vacation and the warmer times ahead. Cleaning will help you take inventory of all the items you have or need. And the best part, it will help you to purge all those still fashionable but unwanted items that have been doing nothing but creating clutter.

Let’s get started!

  1. Step One: Empty the closet. No, really. Empty the entire closet out. You want nothing left hiding in the corners or up on shelves. The best way to really take stock of what you have is to look at every piece of it. Set yourself a designated area that will give you the room to really place everything so that you can get a good look.
  2. Step Two: Categorize your inventory. This will help you when it comes time to decide what to keep and what to bring in for consignment or cash now at Once ‘n Again. Or, what you want to donate through Frugality. Separate pieces into wide categories: tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories.
  3. Step Three: Dig into your Categories. Take it a step further. Tops can be divided into more specific categories: Sweaters, T-shirts, Blouses. Bottoms: Jeans, Pants, Skirts, Shorts. Now you can really get an idea of what you own, what you need, and what you should purge.
  4. Step Four: PURGE. This can be the hardest step of all. We all know how difficult it is to let go of items. But this is where your categories come into play. Having like items together will help you eliminate multiples. Create boxes and label them “keep” “consign” and “donate” and begin sorting. Pieces that you wear all the time or that can be used to make multiple outfits are keepers. Pieces you don’t wear or that you have more than one of should go.
  5. Step Five: Clean and Reorganize. Vacuum and wipe walls to give it a fresh feel. Then place things back in an order that makes the most sense to you and will help you find pieces with ease. Color coordination, separating by pieces or by frequency of wear are all good ideas.

Now you have a good idea of what you have, what you need, and some bags of donate and consign. This will only make packing for your future vacation or change of seasons that much easier!

March 1st  is when we start accepting summer consignments. But remember, if you have a consignment account we will we pay cash now for any season, any time! Stop in and see us. We would love to sell your items for you. Let us do all of the work of selling your stuff with Drop & Run Consignment.

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