Consignor Contract

Consignor Contract 

Welcome!  Thank you for choosing us!

Consignment Details:

  1. You pay $10 to open the account, no cash necessary, this fee comes out of your first sale(s).
  2. You receive 40% (less any fees) for items that sell for $99 or less. You receive 50% (less any fees) for items that sell for $100 or more.
  3. Drop & Run Consignment-Easy & Convenient–no limits, no seasons, no waiting. Bring as much as you want you do not take anything back home.  We price what we can, place cash in your account for the out of season items, and donate the rest to Frugality…no need to wait just drop & run. Reports are available in store within 48 hours of drop-off.
  4. Sort Consignment-drop off one bag per account per day. We will sort ONE bag while you wait and you can take the no thank you’s home with you.  You can bring more than one bag per day but you will drop & run all other bags.
  5. Cash Today/Now-if you have a consignment account with a positive balance we will evaluate ONE bag per account per day for Cash Now. You can bring more than one bag but you will have to consign the rest-see drop & run consignment.
  6. Items chosen for consignment will have a 90 day consignment period from the date it arrives on the sales floor and will follow our markdown procedure.
  7. You can choose to pick up your consigned items that did not sell if we priced it over $19. You must pick it up before the end of your 90 day consignment period.  Due to high volume pick-ups are not allowed on items priced under $19.
  8. Any items previously chosen for consignment that are found to be defective or unacceptable after being received will be donated to Frugality.
  9. Stop in anytime to use your store credit, pick up your cash, or you can call and request a check.

We take extreme care with all merchandise, however, It’s Once ‘n Again, Ltd. is not responsible for items lost or damaged.  Terms of this contract are subject to change by It’s Once ‘n Again, Ltd., without notice.

By Signing, I am verifying that all items in my account are my property and I have the right to sell them.  It’s Once ‘n Again, Ltd. is a member of the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops and is committed to ethical behavior.  I have read, understand, and agree with the consignment policy of It’s Once ‘n Again, Ltd.


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