Consignor Information

Consignor Information

Highlights of consignment policy:

  • Appointments required–request your appointment here:  Fairbury or Pontiac
  • 40% split, after fees (see fee schedule below)
  • 50% split on items that sell for more than $100, after fees
  • 60 day consignment period
  • We consign and sell brand name clothing/shoes for Women & Men, handbags, & jewelry. All previously listed plus home decor in Fairbury. Visit our what we sell page for details on items and brands.
  • Drop & Run Consignment by appointment. Bring only items that we sell, we no longer accept items on our no thank you list. We price what we can now & place the out of season items in storage in your account. Reports are available in store approx. a week after drop & run.
  • Bring your items in open top shopping bags or medium sized moving boxes–no garbage bags or large boxes please. If it is too heavy for you, its too heavy for us. Some of the worst surprises come in garbage bags plus they are often too heavy then they tip and rip too easily.
  • Bring items in “ready to sell” condition (freshly laundered, free of odors, fresh batteries or bulbs, free of garage sale stickers, free of hangers (we use our own)).  See fees below if your items are not “ready to sell”.
  • Consignment for Children’s clothing was discontinued on February 18, 2023.
  • We will stop accepting consignments in our Pontiac location on March 25, 2023. Our Fairbury location will remain open to serve you for years to come.
  • Cash payouts from your consignment account are limited to $200 per day (Photo ID required). We will mail a check for the rest, no check fee when requested at the time of your cash payout.
  • Drivers License/State ID will be required for all cash payouts regardless of the amount and ID will be required when you use your store credit for purchases. Bring your id—please do not forget it.
  • One time $15 new account fee, no need to pay cash we will take the fee out of your first sale.
  • You can choose to pick up your consigned items that did not sell if we priced it over $19. If you choose to pick it up, you must pick it up before the end of your 60 day consignment period.  Due to high volume pick-ups are not offered for items priced under $19.

Read entire contract.


Fee Schedule

  • New Account Fee:  $15 (all new accounts)
  • Mail Check Fee:  $3 ea (only those that call and request a check). Checks will not be mailed for amounts under $20.
  • Cleaning/Hanger/Garbage Bag Fee:  starts at $1 per item for those items not “ready to sell”
  • Battery/Light Bulb Fee:  Starts at $1 per battery/bulb (watch battery $5-10)
  • Sticker Removal Fee:  0.25 cents per item
  • Buyers Fee:  This item handling fee is is added to almost every item.  It is passed on to the buyer and is not paid by the consignor.  The fee is based upon the selling price.  The most common amount for this fee is $0.99.

Seasonal Consignment Guidelines

For your convenience, you can bring any season anytime. When we receive your items; some are determined to be unsaleable and go to immediately to a charity or recycling company of our choice. For the rest, we price your items in your consignment account then some go to the sales floor (according to our best time schedule below) and the rest are placed in storage until the proper selling season.

  • The best time to bring Spring is January Thru March
  • The best time to bring Summer is March Thru June
  • The best time to bring Fall is July Thru September
  • The best time to bring Winter is September Thru December

A good guideline for “Holiday” merchandise is 90 days before the holiday.  Example, the best time to bring Christmas decor and clothing is the end of September…90 days before Christmas.

Christmas decor in Fairbury:  we no longer accept/sell Christmas trees with detachable branches or table top Christmas trees.  Ornaments must have been over $15 each new and still current.  September-October is the best time to bring Christmas decor–if you bring it to us in Nov/Dec it is too late for full price sales.

Items with no season, we price it all year long:  Jeans, hoodies, and non-seasonal home decor (Fairbury Only).

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