Here are some common questions we are asked.
Do you sell formal dresses (prom dresses. homecoming dresses, wedding dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, bridesmaid dresses)?

We no longer sell formal dresses or suits.  Occasionally we will have a short dress suitable for a homecoming dance or even a LBD (little black dress) but nothing more formal than that.

Do you sell fine china, flatware, or stemware?

No, we have tried over the years without much success.  Our customers are simply not interested in buying this from us.  We do not generally sell any kitchenware that can be, “used”, however, if you can decorate with it (and it meets our other conditions of clean, fashionable, and only a couple of years old) we can sell it.

I have never consigned before, how does it work?

Bring us your name brand, currently fashionable in excellent condition, freshly laundered/cleaned items….according to our seasonal consignment calendar. On your first trip we will tell you what we think we can sell and what we will donate to Frugality. We assign an account number to you and we price all of your current season items under your account. We will add cash to your consignment account for items that are out of season. Your fashion has a consignment period of 90 days. Any consigned items that do not sell within the 90 day selling period will be donated to Frugality. When the item sells you get 40%-50% based upon the selling price of your item, less any fees. You can check your account, use your store credit, or pick up your money anytime. We will mail a check to you only if you call and request one.

Do I need an appointment to drop-off merchandise for consignment?

An appointment is not necessary, come anytime during regular store hours of 10am-7pm Monday thru Saturday.

Do I need to bring my clothing on hangers or how do I pack my items to bring them to you?

Neatly folded in an open top shopping bag is best.  Please keep your hangers at home, we use our own. No garbage bags please.