Here are the answers to some common questions.
What is your current tag color sale?

Everyday is a sale day at Once ‘n Again with our tag color sale system.  It is the highly successful and very popular way that we clearance our merchandise.  Every single day we have items on clearance based on the color of the tag that is attached to our merchandise.  Example:  $1.99 pink tagged items, 75% off black tagged items, 50% off purple tagged items, and 25% off blue tagged items—this is not today it is just an example.  The details of the current tag color sale are always posted in store.  When the tag color sale changes we make an announcement on our facebook pages and in the e-mail newsletter–the day that it happens or the night before. Like our Once ‘n Again Facebook Pages or sign up for our e-mail newsletter (on the home page of this website) so that you can see the details of the sale change when it happens.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final.  We do not accept returns.

I have a Once 'n Again gift card, can I use it in both locations?

Once ‘n Again gift cards can only be used in the location in which it was purchased.  Fairbury gift cards can only be used in Fairbury and Pontiac in Pontiac. The address of the correct location is listed on the card. Gift cards can now be used for online store purchases–Fairbury in Fairbury & Pontiac in Pontiac.

Do you buy items for cash?

Not at this time. Drop & run consignment by appointment is a great way to sell your stuff.

Do you sell formal dresses (prom dresses. homecoming dresses, wedding dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, bridesmaid dresses)?

We no longer sell formal dresses or suits.  Occasionally we will have a short dress suitable for a homecoming dance or even a LBD (little black dress) but nothing more formal than that.

Do you sell fine china, flatware, or stemware?

No.  We do not generally sell any kitchenware that can be, “used”, however, if you can decorate with it (and it meets our other conditions of clean, fashionable, and only a couple of years old) we can sell it.

I have never consigned before, how does it work?

We sell name brand, currently fashionable in excellent condition, & freshly laundered/cleaned items. On your first trip we will tell you what we think we can sell and what we will send to Frugality.  We price all of your current season items in your consignment account. We will add your out of season items to storage but still in your account. Your fashion has a consignment period of 90 days. Any consigned items that do not sell within the 90 day selling period will be sent to Frugality. When the item sells you get 40%-50% based upon the selling price of your item, less any fees. You can check your account, use your store credit, or pick up your money anytime. We will mail a check to you only if you call and request one.

Currently drop & run by appointment is the only option available–we suggest you drop & run it is the most convenient option–as much as you want anytime.

Do I need an appointment to drop-off merchandise for consignment?

Yes. temporarily due to continued covid restrictions/precautions.  Use the contact us page on this website to request your appointment in Fairbury or Pontiac.

Do I need to bring my clothing on hangers or how do I pack my items to bring them to you?

Neatly folded in an open top shopping bag is best.  Please keep your hangers at home, we use our own. No garbage bags please.

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