In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Once ‘n Again and Frugality are briefly pausing our regular store hours. The health and safety of our staff & our customers is our number one priority. We hope to re-open on May 1st.  We will be ready to take in your consignments the day we re-open!

Try a Family (or friend) Fashion Show

What can you do with so many days off and lots of cabin fever?  Try a family or friend fashion show to ensure that you have fun while cleaning closets. First, clean closets & storage areas and make a list of items you will need for the next season. When my kids were young we had a family fashion show about four times a year or more during times of “extreme” growth.  You know those times, the jeans fit last week, but today they are one inch too short and they will not zip (it happens to adults too).

Prepare 4 boxes

Before we start cleaning, we get four boxes ready.  One to save for next year, one to bring to the local consignment shop, one for thrift store donation, and one for the trash (gasp).  First we clean out the winter clothing.  Of course we take into consideration that there is still winter weather left and leave some winter clothing in the closet.  The things that will still fit someone in the family next year get packed in the save box.  The things that will not fit anyone go into one of the three remaining boxes.  The best of the best go into the consignment shop (Once ‘n Again) box with winter clearly marked on it.  The things that still have good use in them but are flawed in some way go into the thrift store (Frugality) donation box, the things with holes or stains on them go in the trash box.  Unless you have lots and lots of time to sew or craft that trash into something else, you cannot recycle everything, some things are just trash.  The consignment shops and thrift stores do not want stained and ripped clothing, there is too much good clothing out there for them to waste their time and resources on clothing that will not sell.   Now that the closet is nearly empty, it is time to look at the spring clothing.

Try on

When my family cleans closets and drawers, we turn it into a fashion show.  The kids model their clothes that we saved from last year for the spring.  If it fits and they still like it, it gets hung in the closet.  If it does not fit or they do not like it,  we examine it.  Does it have stains or holes?  Is the color faded or is the fabric pilling?  How long ago was it purchased new?  Is it currently fashionable?  The consignment shop (Once ‘n Again) box should contain only items that are currently fashionable (purchased new within the last two years is a good guideline), items that are free of fading, pilling, stains, and holes of any kind.  Items that are freshly laundered and free of wrinkles take less time for the consignment shop to process and sell faster.  The thrift store (Frugality) donation box should contain the items that are a little older and can have a small amount of fading or pilling.  Anything with stains or holes, extreme fading or pilling, ring around the collar, arm-pit discoloration, and anything that is just plain worn out go in the trash box.

Bring to Once ‘n Again

Now that we are done cleaning it is time look at the 4 boxes.  Listed below are the options for the 4 boxes:  at Once ‘n Again all you have to do is bring us all 4 boxes—we will do all of the rest of the work for you with Drop & Run Consignment. There is an exception:  if you want it sorted before you leave the store and take items back home with you or if you want cash before you leave the store (cash before you leave the store is not available right now–temporarily suspended 3/16/2020)–that is not considered drop & run consignment so we will sort one bag per account per day. You can bring more than one bag but the rest will be drop & run.

  1. The save box goes in storage with the season clearly marked on the outside.
  2. The consignment shop box that says winter goes into storage until September when the consignment shop starts accepting winter consignments again.  Although, some consignment shops buy out of season merchandise, check with them for the specifics (yes, Once ‘n Again prices the items in your account and puts them in storage for you until the perfect season to sell it).
  3. The donation box can be brought to the thrift shop anytime (Click here for Frugality info).
  4. Yes, the trash box should go to the curb on trash day, work quickly to ease the pain.

Closet cleaning does not have to be work:  the kids have fun modeling and you’ll have fun when you collect your $$ from the consignment shop.


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