Do you have items lurking in your closet, taking up prime real estate for this year’s trends?  Spring has sprung and we couldn’t be happier! There are so many great things about spring. But at Once ‘n Again, we especially love the spring clean-up and, obviously, the shopping for a fresh wardrobe that follows.

In the past we have talked about cleaning out closet clutter in five simple steps as you prepare for your Spring Vacation. Like we mentioned, it is the perfect time to take inventory of what you need and get rid of last year’s clothes by consigning or getting cash now with us. But we know that one of the five simple steps maybe isn’t so simple. The PURGE! 

Why is it soooo hard to let go of (purge) our clothes? It doesn’t matter that we haven’t worn it in months…maybe even a year. But as soon as we grab it to put in the “Consign” pile, we think of all the ways we COULD wear it this year with that ONE outfit it would be perfect for. Don’t feel bad. We all feel the same way. And we’ve all got at least a handful of items that didn’t make the purge and are just lurking in our closet, taking up prime real estate for this year’s trends.

So, here are a few more tips on how to know when it’s time to LET GO:

Versatility: How many ways can you wear this item? Is it a centerpiece of many outfits? If so, keep it. Do you wear it relatively often, even though it can only be paired a small number of ways? Keep it. But if you can’t mix and match it, if you can only wear it to a special outing (date night, wedding invites, parties), then it’s time to LET GO. Chances are slim you’ll be wearing this again any time soon. And chances are high that when the next special occasion comes around, you’ll want to buy something different.  Sell it sooner rather than later…because it’s resale value decreases dramatically the longer it sits.

Frequency: How often you wear a certain piece says a lot about your style and the way you outfit. This is a step to purging that can actually go both ways. If a piece is worn fairly infrequently, letting it go could be better than having it cluttering up your closet space. But this is a two-sided coin. Don’t worry, we’ll help you figure this out.

  • If an item is worn infrequently, but is a WARDROBE STAPLE, such as a nice blazer, pencil skirt, or printed bottom, KEEP IT. While clothing is never actually an investment, wardrobe staples are pieces that you should have paid that little bit extra for, and that you keep for a while, knowing they won’t be worn all too often.
  • If an item is worn very frequently- normally that is a definite keep. It makes for easy, go-to outfits, and is typically an item you feel is flattering and comfortable enough for everyday wear. Keeping this piece is almost always a no-brainer. HOWEVER, sometimes purging an item you find yourself wearing on a more than regular basis can be very freeing. We suggest you LET GO of that item you’ve been wearing a couple times a week-find a new favorite! What better time is there to transition your wardrobe and experiment with your style than Spring? We know it can be hard, but we’re always willing to take your gently-used items on consignment to get you the best value for your style!

Time: How long ago did you last wear the item? This is definitely key to letting go of most things that have really just become extra clutter in your wardrobe. If it’s been a few months, think about why. Weather? Occasion? There are some acceptable reasons for not wearing certain items. But has it been over six months? If the answer is yes- LET GO. There is a reason you haven’t worn it, and that isn’t likely to change in the next half a year. Bring it to Once ‘n Again in Fairbury or Pontiac so you can get money back while it’s still in style.

So, did your purge pile grow a bit more? Using these three factors should help to get your closet looking just a bit bare- so that you can fill it up with all of this year’s styles and trends! We are accepting Spring and Summer items on consignment, but we also offer Cash NOW for Consignors for any season, all year.

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