Instant Cash or Cash Now

We buy Name Brand clothing, handbags, shoes, home decor, and more in both Fairbury and Pontiac.

No waiting, no seasonal guidelines, get paid now!  We will buy your items from you and you can leave with cash in hand.  Just bring your nearly new, brand name items and we’ll make you an offer!  Any season…any time!

Click here for a list of our favorite brands

Items we do not buy/give instant cash for:

We do not offer cash now for furniture and children’s clothing smaller than 4t.  We do consign/sell furniture and infant clothing, we just do not give cash now for it.  To consign an item means you open a consignment account and get paid when and if your item sells.  Click here for more information on consignment.

Time Saving Tips

Bring only mall brand items, we do not generally buy discount store brands.  Bring only freshly laundered items, we will not buy clothing with stains or odors.  Bring the best of the best, we will not buy items that are out of style, pilly, or altered.  It is most timely for us to process one box/bag per day, however, we will evaluate any amount that you  bring us.

Cash For Books in Fairbury!

All books must be in excellent condition without any odors, stains, extreme cover wear, or Dewey Decimal markings from the library. You can find the copyright/release date in the front cover of the book or at  We reserve the right to refuse to buy any book, even if it appears to fulfill all guidelines.  Sometimes an old book is released with a new cover…we now use the original copyright date.

We pay cash for books as follows:  

  • We buy books by copyright date 2015 and newer.
  • We pay from $0.75 to $3 per book for best sellers.  

Visit the Fairbury Once ‘n Again for more details.

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