Seasonal Consignment Guidelines

Drop & Run Consignment by appointment is the way we sell your awesome stuff!   Please bring only in season items as listed below. Before you drop off–please take out all of the items on our “no thank-you list”. When we receive your items; some are determined to be unsaleable and go to immediately to a charity/recycling company of our choice.  All other items that meet our guidelines are placed in your consignment account to sell.

  • The best time to bring Spring is January Thru March
  • The best time to bring Summer is March Thru June
  • The best time to bring Fall is July Thru September
  • The best time to bring Winter is September Thru December

A good guideline for “Holiday” merchandise is 90 days before the holiday.  Example, the best time to bring Christmas decor and clothing is the end of September…90 days before Christmas.

Christmas decor in Fairbury:  we no longer accept/sell Christmas trees with detachable branches or table top Christmas trees.  Ornaments must have been over $12 each new and still current.  September-October is the best time to bring Christmas decor–if you bring it to us in Nov/Dec it is too late for full price sales.

Items with no season, we price it all year long:  Jeans, hoodies, and non-seasonal home decor.

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