In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Once ‘n Again and Frugality are briefly pausing our regular store hours. The health and safety of our staff & our customers is our number one priority. We hope to re-open on May 1st.  We will be ready to take in your consignments the day we re-open!

Some of you will have a week off this spring…or more. Spring Break is the perfect time to clean your closets for cash. If your kids are off you could even have a family fashion show:  where your kids’ model their clothes and you set aside the things that no longer fit.  We have a couple of blog posts to help you with this task:  purging, & how to clean your closet in 5 simple steps.  Then when you are done cleaning bring your awesome fashion to sell at Once ‘n Again.

Guidelines for selling your stuff at Once ‘n Again:

  1. Choose Drop & Run Consignment, you will typically get more $$ for your stuff….but you have to wait for it to sell. We price the current season items (according to our seasonal best time schedule) in your consignment account and store the out of season items for you. No sorting-no waiting we do all of the work.  It is our most convenient option.
  2. Cash Now is not available–program is temporarily suspended beginning 3/16/20.
  3. Sort Consignment-If you like for us to sort your items before you leave the store—we have a new rule of 1 bag sorted per consignor per day.  You can bring more but you will have to drop & run quantities over 1 bag.
  4. No appointment is necessary for selling your stuff.
  5. No hangers are necessary for either option….we use our own and we prefer that you remove your hangers before you come in.
  6. Open top shopping bags are best for bringing in your stuff.
  7. After your consignment account is open there are no minimums or maximums for drop & run consignment.  There is a maximum of 1 bag per consignor per day for cash now and sort consignment.

Let us do the work for you!

Pontiac & Fairbury 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday (closed Sunday).

Shop, Sell for Cash, or Consign…you have choices at Once ‘n Again!

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