Tricks Of The Trade:  Make Sure It Will Fit Shop with a Measuring Tape

When you are shopping in a resale or consignment store like Once ‘n Again in Fairbury one size does not fit all.  Even within the same brand, the sizing may differ some;  one single top could come in athletic fit, classic fit, or slim fit (etc).  The options are mind blowing.  To help with this and make sure you are getting something that you will actually be able to wear in public, bring a measuring tape with you when you shop (or ask us–we have a measuring tape handy).

We are all familiar with this sizing problem;  Manufacturers’ sizing varies; a size 8 in one brand is not the same as a size 8 in another brand. Of course, an item that has been laundered has already changed some from the time it was manufactured;  so a size 8 new is a little different from a size 8 freshly laundered even if it is the same item.

  • The easiest way to get the sizing right for you is to measure a garment (already in your closet) that fits you perfectly. The garment measurement is going to be different than your body.  Then before you buy, measure the garment in the store to see if it matches the measurements of your favorite garment in your own closet.
  • Measure the parts that are most important to you. For me the most important areas are the bust area, the length of the top, and the thigh measurement for pants/shorts. My favorite length of top is 16 inches. If the top in the store measures 14 inches, I know that it will feel too short for me and I will not buy it. You may be more concerned with the waist area or the arm measurement or the skirt length.
  • When you measure, make sure you measure the garment in the store the same way you measured the garment in your closet, for consistency. There is not a right or wrong way when using this method…it just needs to be done the same way at home and in store.

Shopping with a tape measure has even more advantages…. It is a real time saver.  You do not have to try on everything, measuring is quicker.  It will take less time to make sure you are not disappointed with a garment that is too short or tight etc.  At Once ‘n Again, all sales are final so trying on or measuring your purchase is an excellent idea.  We want you to be sure of and happy with your purchase before you leave the store.

So what do you think…are you going to try shopping with a measuring tape?

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