Is your closet bursting at the seams? Do you struggle each morning, trying to put an outfit together for work or school? Do you just have too much stuff?

Once ‘n Again has the solution for you!

The answer to all your closet woes is to do a major purge then head to your local consignment resale thrift shop to consign, sell, or donate your items. We all tend to hold on to items long after we use them. But a packed closet is a deceptive one. We assume the more we have the better our wardrobe will be, when instead it’s just a mess to dig through. And when you can fatten your wallet by slimming your closet, purging the clutter becomes that much easier!

Some great questions to ask while cleaning your closet:

  • Did I wear this recently (we mean a few months—no more than a year)?
  • Will I wear this again?
  • Would I buy this if I went shopping today?
  • Will it be in style next year?

If you said no to one or more of those questions, fold it up, put it in a bag, and then come visit us here at Once ‘n Again!

Most people don’t know the difference between thrift, resale, and consignment stores and tend to lump them into the same category. But did you know your local resale and consignment shop can help line your wallet with cash? While most thrift stores take all items on donation, resale and consignment shops pay you for what you bring. Here is how it works:

Resale shops pay cash for the gently used items customers bring into the store. They look through the items right then, so you have instant gratification for your closet clean out! Great option if you have small quantities—limit 1 bag per day for cash at Once ‘n Again.  Due to Covid capacity restrictions & precautions-cash now is not current available.

Consignment shops work a bit differently. These are stores that sell items on consignment for you. Once the item has sold you get a guaranteed split of the proceeds, and while it isn’t as instantaneous as the cash now perk of resale, with a little time it can be much more profitable for you! For large quantities—multiple seasons—no limits–Once ‘n Again does the very convenient drop & run consignment.

Now that you know you can make money for your gently used clothes, here are the reasons you should choose us!

Options– Once ’n Again does both Consignment and Cash Now (currently unavailable). So you can choose which best fits your needs.

  • Try Drop & Run Consignment at Once ‘n Again (due to Covid capacity restrictions/precautions–Appointments now required) Use the contact us page Fairbury or Pontiac to request the appointment

    • Too much stuff? Drop & Run for maximum convenience, the most profitable way to sell your stuff without doing any of the “hard work” yourself. No appointments-no limits-no sorting seasons (unless you want to). We price what we can now, add cash to your consignment account for out of season, and send the rest to Frugality for you. No other consignment/resale shop provides this level of convenient service. Check your balance online or stop in to check your account and pick up your cash!
  • Try Cash Now & Sort Consignment (currently unavailable)!
    • Due to Covid capacity restrictions & handling precautions–cash now and sort consignment is not current available. If you want cash before you leave the store…we can do that too (if you have a consignment account) but there is a one bag per day limit. Also, if you do not want to drop & run we will sort your consignment for you but there is also a one bag limit per day. You can bring more but you will drop & run quantities over one bag.
  • Items That We Sell, Buy, and Consign!
    • In Pontiac, IL (123 W Madison St)—Clothing for Women, Men, Teens, and Kids;  Handbags, shoes, fine and fashion jewelry.
    • In Fairbury, IL (118 W Locust St)— Home décor, books, handbags, jewelry, clothing & shoes for Women, Men, Teens, and Kids.
  • Our Customer’s Favorite Brands!
    • COACH, Talbot’s, Gap, Gap Kids, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade NY, Dooney & Bourke, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, Silpada, Brighton, Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant, Torrid, Justice, The North Face, American Eagle, J Crew, UGG, Pottery Barn, Pier 1 Imports, Gymboree, The North Face, Mud Pie, Sperry, Ugg, Sam Edelman, Hunter, Frye, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Miss Me, Tory Burch, and many more.

Sister Store Frugality.  If Once ‘n Again doesn’t sell it, they send it to Frugality. Most items sell for $1.99 or we give items to agencies who serve the destitute and the profits go to a few local charities (click here for list).

We are a One Stop Shop– all sizes and ages in one location! Women’s, Men’s, Teens, and Kids clothing, shoes, and accessories all under one roof.

We have a great turnover/sell thru most of our items sell within the first two weeks on the sales floor (or online store). On consignment you get a guaranteed 40% split (50% if sells for more than $100), and when an item sells, the money goes straight to your account (pick up your cash anytime)!

Shop at Once ‘n Again!  You can also shop while you are in store to sell your stuff. Almost any brand that you can find at a department store or boutique new, you can find at Once ‘n Again. Shop for your whole family in one stop, we sell all sizes at a fraction of regular retail prices! Plenty of space 4000-5000 square feet in each location. We always have a sale or special event going on so that you can save even more! Shop online at Once ‘n Again see links below!

What are you waiting for, let Once ‘n Again sell your name brand fashion? Purge that closet clutter and let us help you start making money today!

Once ‘n Again on Social Media:  Check us out online! 

Store Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm!  We have locations in Pontiac Illinois and Fairbury IL…which is just 40 miles from Bloomington Illinois & Normal Illinois and 60 miles from Champaign Illinois.

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