Welcome To Once 'n Again Consignment

Once ‘n Again is a consignment and resale store located in Pontiac and Fairbury IL

Store Hours:  10am-7pm Monday Thru Saturday!

Ways To Turn Your Closet Into Cash

Is your closet bursting at the seams? Do you struggle each morning, trying to put an outfit together for work or school? Do you just have too much stuff? Once ‘n Again has the solution for you! The answer to all your closet woes is to do a major purge then head to...

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How To Find Your Perfect Swimsuit

Find the perfect swimsuit! Are you ready for summer? Cook outs, graduation parties, swim parties, & beach vacations!  We have a lot more than name brand swimsuits to help dress your family for SUMMER!  Right now, I want to focus on helping you find the perfect...

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Trends 2019 Spring & Summer

Do you follow fashion trends?  I am always looking ahead to see what will be fashionable in the upcoming season;  part of it is my job leading Once ‘n Again but mostly I have always been interested in fashion.  Some of the forecasts are reasonable and believable then...

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March Into A Clean(er) Spring

Do you have items lurking in your closet, taking up prime real estate for this year’s trends?  Spring has sprung and we couldn’t be happier! There are so many great things about spring. But at Once ‘n Again, we especially love the spring clean-up and, obviously, the...

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Fun While Cleaning Closets

Try a Family (or friend) Fashion Show It has been a nasty winter for us in Illinois.  Quite a few snow days already.  What can you do with so many days off--and lots of cabin fever?  Try a family or friend fashion show to ensure that you have fun while cleaning...

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Trick Of The Trade: Shop With A Measuring Tape

Tricks Of The Trade:  Make Sure It Will Fit Shop with a Measuring Tape When you are shopping in a resale or consignment store like Once ‘n Again in Fairbury or Pontiac, one size does not fit all.  Even within the same brand, the sizing may differ some;  one single top...

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What is Frugality NFP?

What is Frugality NFP? Frugality is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Illinois. It is a thrift store where thousands of items are $1.99 each.  All profits are donated to a different Livingston County Charity each month. Can I donate my stuff to...

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